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"Dear Helena,  I know you’ve studied Magi Astrology a long time…… but you’re phenomenal…… you’re just amazing! You are truly a Godsend."                     "Helena- Magi astrology, and you, as the Magi Astrologer in particular, have been more illuminating than any other astrological system that I have ever encountered."                     "Thank you SO much. You have me excited for the future! I appreciate your combined approach and reading style and am amazed how accurate Magi can be."                     "Everything you’ve ever said has been perfect and right!"                    "Helena helped me gain a much greater understanding of a man I had been thinking of starting up a relationship with. Helena is a total straight shooter. She gave me both the pros and cons of this potential relationship-- both were amazingly accurate! -- and helped me make a very wise decision. She interpreted my personal chart with both skill and intuition, clearing up some long-standing problems that I had been having understanding parts of my horoscope. The information she gave me led to areas of my life running much smoother! The type of information that Helena gives her clients is totally empowering. I cannot recommend her highly enough."                    "Thank you so much for the reading you did today. It was very enlightening, helpful and confidence-building. You are a kind, knowledgeable and wise soul."                    "I wanted to say thank you again.  I felt you had a deep understanding of my fears this morning when you analyzed my son and my charts.  You really are a compassionate, insightful and evolved astrologer and I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon your existence.  My ‘obsessive’ mind chatter has relaxed and I feel peaceful and trusting again of God’s plan for my life and my son’s role in it.  I very much appreciate your wisdom and expertise."                    "Helena, Please accept this as a token of my sincerest appreciation--you're a real lifesaver!"                     "Dear Helena, Thank you again for your time and wisdom. I have a lot to think about ... you covered a lot of ground for me. But as my mind starts to get carried away, I hear things you said that bring me back to reality ... and ultimately to a better place for me ... and probably for _____ as well. It's hard when you're drawn so strongly to someone and they're just out of reach ... but with common sense and logic, you were able to cut through the fog and help me comprehend what's going on. I can't tell you how much you also helped me to understand ______ and to get over that relationship ... with peace instead of confusion and hurt."                    "Things being what they are, we don't tell anyone outside top management that we work with an astrologer, but it works! Having Helena on the team is just an extra ace in the hole......"                    ".....in case I have forgotten to tell you at any time, you have been such a godsend to me!"                    "Dear Helena, Thanks for your advice. You've been instrumental in sorting out the reasons behind our interdepartmental squabbles. Now we can focus all our energies on the business at hand."                    "Helena, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all of your help and assistance. Warmest regards..."                    "Helena evaluated all of our key employees and found one employee she said should be watched. Three months later, that employee was caught embezzling funds and was later convicted. Helena proved herself to me beyond a shadow of a doubt."                    "Just wanted to thank you for your excellent, informative and insightful consultation.  I thought your metaphor for _________ was hilarious and very accurate.  I will be consulting with you again in the near future."                    "To a kindred spirit.... Thank you for all you do.... Thank you for being there for me."                    "Hi Helena, It is such a pleasure to refer people to you. I am still reflecting on your recent tape to me. This current period has certainly helped me to reevaluate my priorities. You have been a big help in my understanding. Warmest wishes."                    "Hi Helena, Thanks for choosing the incorporation date for my newest company- it’s already in the black...."                     "Dear Helena, After meeting you several years ago and following your StarGazer newsletter since I have been in Sedona, I have felt an amazing amount of growth. I am in the healing profession as you know. The amount of knowledge you have and your sincere attitude is always a blessing to receive. I am proud and confident to recommend you to anyone. I am blessed to know you."                     "I check out all new tenant applicants with Helena."                    "Hi Helena! I loved your reading. It was fun, helpful and illuminating. Listening to the tapes later helped a great deal. "                    "Helena, Thanks for your time & knowledge..."                     "Your gift is so special..."                     "Can't wait to hear back from you..."                     "Hi Helena- I have been forwarding your newsletter to some girlfriends and they love it! Would you please add them to your list....."                     "Helena, Thanks for the wise words...."                    "My session with Helena was extremely informative, highly educational & lots of fun! It was truly a pleasurable experience and Helena was gracious enough to not only explain everything clearly as she went along but also seemed to tailor her approach to fit my personality. I will be sending all of my friends to see her and I plan to consult with her on a regular basis!"                    "Thank-you, Helena!"                    "Again thank you for being you, you are wonderful!”                    "Thank You Thank You!!!"

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Online lessons in Magi Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential Magi principles. They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts- some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful.

 "The best astrologer on
planet Earth: Magi Helena ♥"
  "Magi Helena, has been RIGHT... EVERY... SINGLE...TIME!"

 "DEAR HELENA, I just wanted to say few words to thank you a million times. The session with you today was a super eye opener. As a student of astrology, it was invaluable all the answers you gave me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  Please continue what you do because you are THE BEST."  
 "Dear Helena, Thank you so much! You really are the
beautiful, approachable face of Magi astrology!"   

 "As I have said before, I am soooo glad I found Magi Astrology and YOU!"  

Thank goodness for you and Magi astrology!"  

 "Another great Reading.... I've studied astrology for over 40 years and have worked as a practitioner... So when I say that I've had a great reading from MAGI HELENA, I mean it...we discussed health, business, love and money and she is DEAD ON as far as her assessments. I recommend anyone looking to be guided to answers within themselves to schedule a reading.... She is truly gifted."  
Thank you for your help, for your caring, and the incredible information of Magi Astrology."   

 "I want to tell you just how impressed and amazed I am!
You truly are one in millions..."

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    If you're using only one dimension of astrology, you're missing 3/4
of the data needed to make accurate analyses and forecasts!

   The Magi Society's extensive research has revealed a number of astrological principles that differ from those of other astrological systems. Traditional astrology has primarily used the geocentric longitudes in their computations. In super- simple terms, these are the locations of the planets on the horizontal plane (around the chart wheel) as viewed from the Earth. The significant data used are the mathematical (angular) interrelationships between the planets. The geocentric longitudes are the 1st dimension used in Magi Astrology.

A typical geocentric astrological chart looks like the first chart below:


      The example chart above is shown with 0° Libra on the ascendant, to make it easier to compare to a Magi Astrochart in its default position as shown below.
   Our research has demonstrated conclusively that there are 3 more dimensions of equal importance in chart analysis. Working with only 1 dimension is truly working with only 25% of the necessary data for complete accuracy!  Though western astrology does at times reference the other 3 dimensions, in no system other than Magi Astrology are they given the same importance as is accorded to the geocentric longitudes.

  The 2nd dimension we use in Magi Astrology is the geocentric declinations. Again in super-simple terms, these are the locations of the planets in the vertical plane (their "altitude" north or south) as viewed from Earth. Magi Astrology research has irrefutably demonstrated the importance of the interrelationships between planets (the parallel and contra-parallel) in the declinations.

       At left is the geocentric Magi Astrochart of the same date as the western chart above.


      In both types of charts, direct planetary motion in the longitudes is counter-clockwise. In the Magi Astrochart, declinational motion is shown thusly: Planets shown inside the polygon on the left are moving northward (up.) Planets shown in inside the polygon on the right are moving southward (down.) 

Again, Magi Society research has clearly demonstrated that the 3rd and 4th dimensions of Magi Astrology are equally as important as the 1st and 2nd dimensions described above.

    The 3rd dimension of Magi Astrology- the heliocentric longitudes- is the locations of the planets in the horizontal plane (around the chart wheel) as viewed from the Sun rather than the Earth. 

    The 4th dimension is the equivalent to the geocentric declinations- the locations of the planets in the vertical plane (their "altitude" north or south) as viewed from the Sun- though in heliocentric charts, this dimension is called the heliocentric latitudes.




   Shown at right is a heliocentric Magi Astrochart showing the same date as the previous charts.




   Note in the heliocentric chart that there is no glyph for the Sun (since we're theoretically standing on it) but that there is a glyph for Earth, which we call the Earth/Moon complex-- viewed from the Sun, the Earth and Moon are too close together to be distinguishable from one another.

  The motion in the helio latitudes in indicated the same way as in the declinations, though in the latitudes, the Earth is always centered.







    In Magi Astrology, whether we're doing a natal reading, a relationship analysis, choosing a wedding date or an incorporation date, or anything else, we always give all 4 dimensions equal weight in our analyses. The use of all 4 dimensions is one of the proven principles which provide the pinpoint accuracy for which Magi Astrology is renowned.
    Each of these online lessons is an important building block in learning to be proficient in Magi Astrology. However, no one element of analysis should be taken out of context or assume a  greater importance than others- the entire picture must be taken into account.  Tempting as it is, just looking at the individual pieces of a chart or charts- sometimes called "cookbook" astrology- cannot really describe a relationship or situation fully, as every element impacts every other element. The goal is complete astrological synthesis- when all the elements present join together to form a complete, interrelated whole.

    The Magi Society has not yet revealed all of the information discovered in our ongoing research. I am only at liberty to discuss research findings which have already been revealed to the public. I apologize if you are left with questions unanswered! Lessons will be updated as more information is made public by the Magi Society.

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